The best Fastpitch softball helmets are not just about style or comfort. You want to make sure that you’re purchasing a helmet with the right safety ratings, and one that will protect your head in the event of an accident. If you don’t know which type of helmet is appropriate for your needs, then this article can help! Keep reading to learn how we compiled our list of the top 5 softball helmets on the market today!


Best 6 Fastpitch Softball Helmets

1. Schutt Sports Junior (Youth) AiR 4.2 Softball Batter’s Helmet

The AiR 4.2 sports the most innovative design for maximum ventilation available on the market today. The exclusive features of this helmet are designed to protect against whatever a situation throws at players, adapting based on their needs with two different versions: Junior for youth players or Senior for varsity level teams. The Jr version is perfect if you’re looking to grab a helmet that’ll keep pace with your growing kid as they learn more and more about how-to bat while making sure they stay safe! One size fits most, so no need to worry about getting one that will be too big and end up being uncomfortable when it should fit just right from day one.

2. Rawlings Sporting Goods Highlighter Series Softball Helmet

Rawlings’ Coolflo technology is one of the most innovative designs for batting helmets on the market. With its cleverly designed venting technique and sleek appearance, this helmet will never embarrass you around the diamond. A pre-drilled NOCSAE approved face guard makes it perfect for athletes everywhere too! Not only does it have COOLFLO technology, but a traditional rubber finish make this mold-ready to last you many seasons without breaking down!

3. Mizuno F6 Adult Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmet

The Mizuno F6 Adult Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmet is perfect for the woman athlete who knows what she wants. With an innovative honeycomb shell pattern, rugged exterior made of durable ABS plastic and beautiful graphics, this helmet is ready to help you hit it out of the park! Sure, its pricey but with a secure fit and low weight design plus protective technology inside, the F6 more than proves that its worth every penny. Add in Mizuno’s 10 year warranty, guaranteed safe arrival through UPS ground shipping and hassle-free exchanges.

4. Schutt XR1 Softball Batter’s Helmet

The Schutt Sports XR1 helmet is an innovative and super padded addition to the batter’s arsenal. With a lightweight, low-profile design crafted to lessen vibrations, this helmet has experts cheering for it! Not only does the temporal wing make this product durable, but also adds strength. Additionally, by being made with PCA that’s high in performance while also being light under foot can’t go wrong. Lastly, its EPP liner proves comfortable and perfect when absorbing impact from those fatal blows of a ball crashing into your cranium. Ready or not: get out there already!

5. RIP-IT Vision Pro Softball Helmet

The RIP-IT Vision Pros are here to bridge the gap between your head and the mental game. Designed for optimal visibility, these helmets provide a wide field of view so you’re watching those pop ups like a pro too. With increased peripheral vision, you’ll never miss a beat of your opponent’s motion, guaranteeing every out! Be confident in knowing that this baby is made with our trademarked Dual Density Foam System – designed to keep all balls at bay while doing it on command. Why trust just anyone? Trust yourself by putting on the RIP-IT Vision Softball Helmet!

6. Schutt Baseball-Batting-Helmet

The Schutt Air Lite Airm XE batting helmet is a lightweight, durable, and affordable choice for those on or just beginning their softball career. The helmet features an AiR-Xe shell that is engineered for the perfect fit and maximum ventilation in order to provide protection and comfort while enabling maximum airflow to keep you cool. An easy-to-adjust headband combined with its light weight make it one of our most versatile options.

Constructed with D3O impact foam absorbers that disperse the force from any blunt object hitting your face, this batting helmet offers both quality and affordability without sacrificing safety. With 14 vent holes maximizing airflow to keep you comfortable no matter how hard you swing, you will be batting more than ever in this Schutt.

Fast Pitch Softball Helmets Buying Guide

When playing softball, you need to make sure that you are fully protected so that no harm befalls you while you are in the game. For this, we strongly suggest that you buy a good and strong helmet that will protect your head from any injury whatsoever.

Thus, some of the factors that you must consider when purchasing a Fast Pitch softball helmet are:

Best Fastpitch Softball Helmets


Normally what people do is pick a helmet that is the most comfortable on the head. However, although comfort is very important, this should not be the only criteria when selecting a softball helmet for yourself. You must also get the right size of helmet so that there is no discomfort, and at the same time, your head gets proper protection. To understand which is the perfect helmet size for your head, you must take a fabric tape and measure around your head just above the ears to get the proper measurement. To be safe, make sure to take the measurement in both centimeters as well as inches so that when you are going to purchase your helmet, you can check out the sizes in both the metrics and then choose the helmet that fits your measurement perfectly.

Also, make sure to try out your helmets before purchasing them. Normally, you get a one- month exchange period where you can exchange the helmet if you face any issues with it. However, it is highly recommended to try out the sizes there and purchase the one that fits properly to avoid any hassle of exchange or return. Don’t make the mistake of opting for a bigger or smaller size, as both will be uncomfortable and you will end up going for an exchange. Get a softball helmet that fits perfectly so that you can play your game without any fear or discomfort

Get Sanctioned Helmets Only

Most of the fast – pitch softball helmets contain hard plastic as well as foam that are able to absorb high impact landings. However, you must check with your team and only go with those helmets that are exclusively sanctioned by your league.

Ear Flaps

Players often prefer having a helmet with only one ear flap. The reason for this is that since one flap makes the helmet lighter, this is the preferred choice. However, many times the leagues mention that the players should have two 0 flapped helmets only. So, you must check with your team and the league, and then decide accordingly

Face Mask

The helmets are usually equipped with face masks, but wearing it or not depends entirely on you. If you wish, you can also use another mask of your choice to go with the helmet. Even though these masks are made from steel wire, they ensure that the player gets a proper view allowing maximum vision

Design of Brim

It is suggested for plyers to wear the brim over the forehead so that it is parallel to the ground. The brim should be placed in a manner so that it is not too low or high. It should provide proper coverage so that there is no danger for the player to get hurt.

So, when buying softball helmets, make sure to keep these factors in mind!


Anthony is a former softball player who has been playing the game for over 10 years. He played in college and was a part of a National Championship team. Anthony has always had an interest in sports psychology, so he went back to school to get his degree in Sport Psychology with an emphasis on Coaching.

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